Sovereignty is a word that I have noticed a lot lately. With the world becoming a bit more of a crazy place, the act of ‘sovereignty, or ‘self-ownership’ seems most important right now.

It is the concept of ‘property in one’s own person’, taking charge and full responsibility of what we place on and in our bodies and for our day to day choices in general.

Many of us are Mother’s, we are wholly responsible for our children, their health, their protection. As a Mum myself I know in the few instances in my daughter’s life where I have had to rise up and defend her. Luckily only one or two moments in a physical sense as we don’t live in the middle of a war torn or dangerous country. But what I have realised is that my instincts are stronger than my self control. The adrenaline flows and I become the protective Leo lion that I am proud to be. I would put my life before that of my daughter’s, whatever needed to be done I would do, it is in every cell of my body and beware if that is challenged. As parents we all have that I have no doubt.

Us and The Earth

Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth’ 

-Albert Einstein

In a moralistic sense these moments of fierce protection have come up quite a few times and I have felt myself in the last year more and more being very open in my messages to her, in my teaching and direction. As a mother I take this very seriously, the woman she will become is to a large extent (am not going to take all the credit here!!) to my example and what I impart upon her, what I make sure she is exposed to and what she consumes, both in the sense of food but also information. The world in which she will live in will be shaped by our actions TODAY, both in the sense of climate change but also personal freedoms.

Women's Movement - Us and The Earth

The Women’s Movement has helped us have a voice, to say ‘no this is not okay’. We must retain those rights to stand proud in our ability and power to TAKE ACTION and protect our FREEDOMS. We don’t want this ‘new paradigm’, this ever increasing totalitarian measures to strip us of our humanity and the things that make life worth living.

As an advocate for functional medicine and integrative healthcare, the treatment of the individual as whole is crucial. Peak health, for both body, mind and soul can never be achieved when toxins are present. Toxic people, toxic thoughts, toxic food and water.We are in the midst of a health epidemic driven by environmental and also hidden corporate agendas.Climate change and the resulting health impacts can’t be ignored. It is serious and many major bodies like the ‘Australian Medical Association’ ( AMA), the ‘Royal Australasian College of Physicians’ (RACP) and many more have all declared a ‘Climate Emergency’, pressuring the Government to take immediate action.

Us and The Earth

The huge increase in obesity, ADHD, Autism, and increase in depression and suicide even in younger children is so, so sad. Stories of high school girls self harming, cutting their arms. It’s all messed up. 


We need to question the status quo. We need to question the mainstream media and what the agendas are behind the scenes. We need to think about what we put in and on our bodies. Toxins are real, chemicals are real, pesticides are real, hidden agendas are real and they are everywhere. It’s not the one time that causes damages, it is the compound effect over years and years. It’s the ‘new way of being’ that slowly erodes our freedoms without us even noticing. 


What can we do?

  • Choose the best food and eco friendly product that can you stop putting 'Frankenfood' in yours and your families mouth

  • Meditate, create positive energy, lift your vibration… it will prevail

  • Ask questions and teach your children to ask them also

  • Be curious and educate yourself. This is not a time in the history of mankind to be ignorant, it is your duty to understand. Do it for your children

  • Have a voice, don’t be one of the many who will follow blindly. Eyes, ears and hearts open

  • Find your tribe, find the community of people who share the same values. Your values are what define you. Be proud of them, fight for them. Teach your children

So now my actions and focus are on making sure my child has a prosperous future. Not only the skills for modern day survival but strength, inner fortitude, open eyes, values that matter and the best health possible. So as her example, I show her that I have a voice. I talk about the important issues, I question, I find strength in like minded people. I am grateful and even though she sometimes say ‘Mum why do you always do that?’ I actually stop and smell the roses.


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