Apple Skin Vinegar

 Apple Skin Vinegar


  • Collect about 500 grams of apple peels & cores
  • 200 grams of caster sugar


Put all of the apple scraps into a bowl and leave to go slightly brown over about 24 hours. Then pop into a glass jar or container, better something with a wider top, and cover with filtered water leaving about 5 cms at the top. Add the sugar, cover with a light napkin or tea towel. I just use a piece of baking string or an elastic band to hold tight. 

It then needs to be stored in a warm, dark place and after a few days, you will notice that there is a creamy froth that settles on the top. Start tasting after about a month and when it’s to the taste you like it just strain it into sterilised bottles. The longer you leave it the sharper the taste will be. 

Say goodbye to apple scraps and hello to homemade apple vinegar! 

Apple Skin Vinegar

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