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Eco Laundry - washing toxic-free and sustainably

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metal clothes pegsStainless Steel Clothes Pegs
Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs Sale priceFrom $15.00 AUD
Organic Merino Wool Balls for dryerOrganic Merino Wool Balls for dryer
A close-up image of soap berries for laundry, a 100% plant-based eco-friendly laundry solution by Us and The Earth.Soap berries for laundry presented in a clear bottle, a sustainable and eco-friendly laundry solution by Us and The Earth.
Save $3.00 AUDa person holding the the wool and peg. Eco Friendly Laundry Bundle | us and the earth4 dryer balls, 16 pieces of pegs and elegant us and the earth pouch.
Eco Friendly Laundry Bundle | Pegs & Dryer Balls Sale price$30.00 AUD Regular price$33.00 AUD
Eco Friendly Laundry Kit- Wash ConsciouslyInside the Eco Laundry Box and Awards.
Natural Pillow & Linen SprayNatural Pillow & Linen Spray
Natural Pillow & Linen Spray Sale price$17.95 AUD

Eco Laundry - washing toxic-free and sustainably

Creating an eco-friendly laundry is easy, when you know how to swap out plastics and chemicals. Reusable stainless pegs replace the plastic ones, wool balls to pop into your dryer to reduce electricity and 100% natural, organic soap berries (an eco friendly laundry detergent) are all amazing ways to become more sustainable. Explore our eco laundry collection for more ideas.

Our goal at Us + the Earth is to help people work towards sustainable living and a more earth conscious lifestyle. We love researching sustainable products and sharing them! Much effort has gone into sourcing a range of eco-friendly products for your laundry and elsewhere around your home. We all want to do our bit to reduce plastic consumption on our planet so browse through our environmentally friendly product range.