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Eco Friendly Gift Boxes

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Award Winning Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials KitAward Winning Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials Kit
Beauty Self-Care Gift Box with Sustainable and Clean Beauty Products from Us and The Earth - Finalist in the Clean and Conscious AwardsUs and the Earth Natural Bamboo toothbrush
Eco Friendly Laundry Kit- Wash ConsciouslyInside the Eco Laundry Box and Awards.
Eco friendly Oral and hygiene Kit - the kit includes Natural Bamboo toothbrush for adult, a bamboo toothbrush stand, a bamboo toothbrush case for travelling, Eco friendly dental floss, a copper tongue scraper and a 100% Organic Bamboo Powder toothpasteItems laid out on the table, with a girl holding a box of products. | us and the earth
Eco-friendly Cleaning Products in a Box with she-com awards winner 2022Plastic free cleaning products. This box includes cleaning brushes made from natural materials, sponges for cleaning and a natural cleaning spray from Koala Eco

Eco Friendly Gift Boxes

A sustainable starter kit for everyone, whether it be a gift for a loved on or just to spoil yourself. We all want to be more environmentally aware, with earth-friendly and more conscious products, but sometimes the overwhelm is real and it's a challenge to know where to start to reduce plastic waste in the home. 

I have put so much research and love into creating these amazing eco friendly kits and hopefully with this range we are starting to cover every room of the house, where plastics and chemical prevail. Until now! I started with the Kitchen starter set and now have 5 gift boxes. Everything is reusable, recyclable and/or biodegradable. The aim is to reduce waste, eradicate toxins for us, our families and the earth and feel amazing knowing we are actually making a difference. 

Thank you fellow Eco Warriors! 🙏🏼