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Meet Liz

I really am just trying to be the best person I can be. I want to inspire my daughter to live her absolute best life. To be gentle with herself and kind to those around her, and to foster an awareness as to both the power of nature and the power of humans to destroy it.

To truly appreciate and understand the beauty of being alive and actually LIVING.

I want to help other mothers and nature lovers make smarter choices, realise that ‘eco’ can also be beautiful and stylish and that what they do in their daily lives does make an impact. Being empowered to make conscious choices, choosing amazing nutrition and low-tox, environmentally friendly habits, we can connect more with the planet and to those around us.

An enthusiast of ‘the old ways', I remembers vividly my great grandmother's resourcefulness. The old wringer for the wet clothes, washing her plastic bags and reusing them, baking everything from scratch, tending to a veggie garden, and using the power of her own physical body as a form of transport instead of having a car. 

Everyone can make changes on a grass roots level, small changes made by lots of people can have a huge impact. I really hope to inspire you with my range of reusable, zero-waste to replace the dreaded plastic.

Why our actions are so important?

Starting out an eco-friendly and sustainable business as a 40+ (ok closer to 50 - full disclosure here! ) as a single Mum is a daunting challenge. An adventure, yes. A huge learning curve, absolutely. Hugely satisfying - hell yeah! Sometimes it feels like a massive mountain to climb, multi tasking has never been such an appropriate word and ‘follow your dream’ is something that I repeat quietly in my head like my daily self support mantra.

I am very aware of the increasingly toxic environment we live in and a lot of that comes from the air pollution, what we ingest through food and what we put on our skin. Plastics are horrific both for our health, for the environmental living and our beautiful oceans.

Future generations need us to change NOW, actually yesterday. We can't continue to pillage the planet and not replenish. More conscious choices, less consumption, stronger communities. Let's do it together.

Am so grateful as doing something you love is everyone's dream

It has been a bit of a journey though to get to this point. From city to country, from a horse farm to a corporate software job in San Francisco, to then over a decade spent in Tuscany. I have always had the desire to explore and learn, to contribute and to connect with others in a more meaningful way. I was born with entrepreneurial DNA and love my network of other women in growing businesses.

I am excited to see where 'Us and The Earth' is headed, I have big plans for more Eco Boxes, some exceptional homewares pieces and some wonderful collaborations developing.

I love to chat with other like-minded eco warriors so drop me an email or pick up the phone to connect with me.