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How we Contribute to Reducing Ocean Plastics

Your purchase preserves marine life by removing ocean plastics.

For every purchase, we remove 1kg of plastic from the Andaman Islands, India.

Why remove plastics from the ocean

Ocean plastics harm marine life and ecosystems. Yet, everyday plastic enters our oceans in large amounts. Studies suggest that there are between 15–51 trillion pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans.

Oceans and seas make up about 71 % of our planet and house over 240,000 known species. Therefore, we cannot continue to let our activities on land disturb the balance in marine ecosystems.

Why support 'Green Worms’ marine preservation efforts

The North Andaman Islands have limited resources and don’t have basic infrastructure for undertaking waste management activities. This project will contribute to proper waste management and improve the quality of life in the communities.

Green Worms’ mission is to create dignified jobs and enable a circular economy to reduce plastic pollution and poverty. So far, they have removed 3000 tons of waste from the environment and created more than 500 dignified jobs for women. This community participation has ashared-responsibility to create awareness and influence their community members for a collective action.

Green Worms implements proper plastic-waste management to improve the quality of life in island-communities with limited resources for undertaking waste management activities.


Why removing plastic from the ocean matters

According to UNESCO, ingesting ocean plastic kills over 100,000 marine mammals and more than a million seabirds every year. This is clearly bad news for marine preservation. And by extension, the regeneration of our planet. By removing more plastic waste from the ocean, we can:

  • Restore the health of marine life in various locations
  • Properly collect, reuse and recycle plastic waste
  • Create more awareness of the risks and dangers that can come with the ingestion of microplastics
  • Enable local communities to protect the aquatic environment around them.
  • Pave the way for a healthier ecosystem by reducing our dependence on plastics
  • Contribute to the regeneration of our planet in the long term.


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