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"Perfectly gentle while still washing away dirt I use these to wash baby clothes as they are very gentle and free from allergens. Laundry water is safe to flush out too as these are chemical-free." -Andrea

Soap Berries Laundry Wash - 100% plant based - 250g

Sale price$16.00 AUD

Also known also as 'Soap Nuts', these little soapberries grow on trees in the Himalayas are a 100% natural and organic alternative to traditional soaps. They are part of the lychee family and are collected when they drop to the ground and dry out. The berries contain ‘saponin’ which is a surfactant that acts like soap. How amazing is that?!

They are totally waste free, non toxic and natural laundry detergent which is what we love and contain absolutely no harmful toxins, SLS’s foaming agents or anything at all that can cause any harm. Perfect for sensitive skin.

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A close-up image of soap berries for laundry, a 100% plant-based eco-friendly laundry solution by Us and The Earth.
Soap Berries Laundry Wash - 100% plant based - 250g Sale price$16.00 AUD

Us and The Earth

Soap Berries Laundry Wash - 100% plant based - 250g


"As a new Mum, I'm always concerned about the chemicals that come in contact with my son's skin. Soap berries have been a lifesaver in this regard. I can confidently wash my baby's clothes knowing that they are safe and gentle. Thankyou for the fast shipping and the free sponge :-) "
-B Hadeed


"If you're looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional laundry detergents, soap berries are the way to go. They are 100% biodegradable and don't contribute to water pollution like many commercial detergents do. The soap berries are harvested from nature and can be composted after use, making them a zero-waste solution. By using these, I feel like I'm contributing to protecting the environment but also reducing the toxins for my family. Love them!"
-Amber Michells

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Beth Markson
Natural Washing Solution

Soap berries have become my go-to cleaning solution for various household tasks. Not only do they work wonders for laundry, but they can also be used for dishwashing and general surface cleaning. I love how versatile they are! I love essential oils so have made quite a few 'concoctions' in spray bottles and love knowing I dont have random chemicals and toxic products around me home. Quikc delivery too, thanks for providing some great eco-friendly options.

Amanda Riley
Excellent Cleaning Power, Gentle on Skin

I recently started using soap berries for my laundry and I must say, I'm pretty impressed! Hard to imagine that a fruit can wash but you can see how much suds they create when you add a few to a jar with some water and shake. For now they have removed stains effectively and leave my clothes clean and I always add some essential oils so love the smell as well.

T Smithson
A toxic free alternative

Love that they are completely natural and chemical-free, making them gentle on my skin and I just had a baby so wanted to remove chemicals from my house as much as possible. Let's see how they go, for now I have done a few washes and can't complain! Will throw them in my garden when they are finished.