Living Sustainably with Our Eco Cotton Bags

If you're looking to live more sustainably, our reusable organic bags provide you with an ideal way to invest in a greener future. With an estimated 150 million plastic bags ending up as litter each year, our waterways and wildlife are gravely impacted.

It's time to ditch the unnecessary use of plastic and swap for our eco-friendly products. By using our environmentally friendly cotton bags to buy groceries or store fruit and vegetables, it takes little effort to make significant changes. From drawstring pouches to mesh bundles, our products are convenient and versatile to use. They’re also available in a range of sizes.

With a simple swap, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help to work towards a more sustainable future. Making this choice doesn't mean compromising on functionality – our products are designed with versatility and style in mind, and are easy to wash and reuse, again and again.

Stop Plastic Pollution with Reusable Cotton Bags

When it comes to plastic pollution, single-use plastic is one of the worst contributors. Our reusable shopping totes are 100% organic, providing you with an eco-friendly alternative that you can use over and over.

Our totes eliminate the need to use plastic alternatives. They’re lightweight but sturdy, and can also be used for storing food in your fridge. However, their use isn't just limited to food shopping – as they can also be used for:

  • Carrying items to work
  • Carrying library books
  • Storing toiletries
  • Travelling
  • Heading to the beach
  • Storing undergarments

They’re handy to keep in your car or handbag whenever you need them. Our customers particularly appreciate that these eco cotton bags are machine washable, making them easy to care for after repeated use.

Shop Our Bestsellers Online

There are so many ways you can ensure a greener world for future generations when shopping online with Us + The Earth. Every little bit helps. Our aim is to inspire others to help make the world a better place by adopting a zero-waste lifestyle. Small changes are all it takes to start making a difference, and we know our products are doing their bit.

We believe in providing our customers with zero waste kitchen essentials and a range of other eco-friendly products. From storing your shopping in organic and silicone food storage to using reusable kitchen products, we offer simple solutions that make a huge impact.

Everything is reusable, compostable, or biodegradable when you buy online with us. Browse our carefully curated range of beautifully designed eco starter boxes, which offer stunning gifts to the conscious consumer.

I started Us + The Earth to offer beautiful eco solutions to other busy women that know they want to make some changes in their home but feel overwhelmed as to where to start.

If you want to do your part for our environment, simply browse our range and your carbon-free delivery will be making its way directly to your doorstep. We offer a 30 day happiness guarantee, easy returns and a variety of payment options.

We welcome any questions from our customers, so get in touch and ask us anytime. We’re passionate about offering quality eco-friendly solutions, and we’re always here to help you in your zero-waste journey.

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