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For every $200 sold on our website, we purchase 1 square metre of
rainforest through HalfCut.org. Together, we can replace thousands
of single-use plastic items and support the conservation of the
Daintree Forest in North Queensland.



Be Inspired with Our Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products

Here at Us + The Earth, our eco-friendly store helps to eliminate the overwhelm of going plastic-free by offering new sustainable kitchen products online. We meet your needs with beautifully packaged boxes where everything is reusable and zero-waste, great quality and will displace so much damaging plastic.

Whether you're looking for sustainable items for your kitchen, laundry, cleaning, beauty or your oral hygiene routine, you can say goodbye to single-use plastic across your home and help care for the planet.

With a large variety of eco-friendly kitchen products and other household goods, our curated eco boxes have been superbly designed to help you detox from plastic, while investing in a better future for your family and the planet.

By buying our green items online and making small changes in your day-to-day life, you can make a huge difference in taking steps towards a zero-waste, toxic-free future. Our products will help you make the switch towards sustainable living without compromising on quality.

Support a Toxic-Free Lifestyle with Sustainable Products Online

Whether buying as a gift or for yourself as you move towards being more eco-conscious, our goal is to help you make better environmental choices. We offer only the best household and beauty solutions, which means making changes towards a greener future is simple and fuss-free. 

Taking those first steps towards sustainable living is easy when you buy from our eco-friendly store. With a passion for sharing our love of greener living, together we can make a positive impact when you begin with one of our carefully curated eco box starter kits. All of our products are reusable and completely functional – even the recyclable packaging, with no waste that will be sent to landfill.

Going green and making better choices is one way to take conscious steps as you champion against waste. From cotton bags and silicone reusable bags for food, to stainless steel pegs, we have everything you need to help you reduce your carbon footprint and be kinder to the Earth.

Simple Solutions for Zero Waste

Be your own superhero and take positive, impactful steps by enhancing your collection of eco-friendly kitchen products. When you purchase sustainable items online, it makes living your best life a seamless adventure.

We believe in making real changes for a truly better future for our planet, and the revolution begins when you buy our kitchen, beauty, cleaning and laundry kits. Each item has been carefully selected, and our starter kit is the perfect introduction to simple changes that significantly impact a greener future.

Buy online with Us + The Earth and spoil yourself a little. You can fill your home with recycled, zero-waste, plastic-free alternatives that challenge you to be more conscious in looking after Mother Earth. You can’t go wrong with our free shipping Australia-wide for orders over $80, with gift cards and a range of convenient payment options available.

Want to know more about our passion for biodegradable, recyclable and reusable products? Contact us anytime.