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I started my passion project ‘Us and The Earth’ to help inspire others to make small changes that can have a massive impact both on their health and also on climate change. I am looking to collaborate with select retail outlets to promote my products and become stockists. Help create more loyalty with your customers by showing them you are also concerned for the environment.  The products look amazing on display and are incredible, conscious gift ideas.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me personally with any questions whatsoever either via email or 0431481395 ( please send a text if you get voicemail, I will respond quicker). 

Why our Customers love us

✔ Save money using reusable products

✔ Toxic-free FDA approved food storage

✔ Extend the life of your fresh produce

Cheaper than purchasing individual items

Ban harmful products in the kitchen

Reduce your household waste

Feel good about helping the environment

Fantastic gift ideas, spread the eco-love



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