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Essential OIls - Young Living

Essential oils are the most powerful part of the plant and without them the plant wouldn’t exist (hence the term “essential”) i.e. essential to the plant. The term “oil” is a bit of a misnomerthey are not really oils in the sense of fats/lipids but think of them more as an extract of the plant.
Essential oils are extracted through steam distillation, resin tapping and / or cold pressing. Essential oils are nutrient-dense: their very function is to carry nutrients into the cells of plants. Essential oils have the same role in plants as blood does in the human body- to carry nutrients into cells. So how nutrient dense are essential oils? According to the Dr Mat Lalonde scale of nutrient-density, unirradiated herbs and spices are the second most nutrient dense foods on 5 the planet. A pure unadulterated Young Living essential oil is said to be 100 to 10,000 times more potent than herbs and spices! So the purest essential oils are actually far more powerful than the plant botanicals from which they come. Think of them as concentrated or potentized plant matter
A little about Young Living…..Young Living was established over 25 years ago by a farmer and researcher in USA called Gary Young who was driven to reverse his own crippling health after a logging accident. Gary Young devoted his life to understanding the potency and benefits of plants, and his research took him around the world studying and carefully selecting virgin land where the air and soil are pristine upon which to cultivate, harvest and distil the essential oils of plants. Up until the time of his death in May 2018, he was regarded as the world’s leading authority on essential oils.
Today Young Living remains a privately run family business owned by Gary’s wife Mary Young and is the largest essential oil company in the world. Young Living is regarded as the world leader in essential oils on every measure. They are one of the largest network marketing companies in the world with over $1bn annual turnover. Independent research shows time and again that their oils are of the highest quality the world over, bar none. In other words, they are the Rolls Royce of the essential oils world.