Us and The Earth

Stone Aroma Diffuser - Matte Finish

Color: Ivory

Whether you are looking for a perfect gift for a friend or just trying to freshen up your own space, this aromatherapy diffuser is the way to go. Plug it in and enjoy hours of bliss with scents from citrus, green tea, essential oils and more.

We all know that there's nothing better than smelling good - but now you can actually make your house smell like you're baking cinnamon rolls whenever you want.

Choose an essential oil, set how long you want it on for and we'll add the scent of your choosing. Use just a few drops of any of our ultra-fine blends to fill your home with any one of 25 fragrance memories (rain forest, holiday spice, lavender, herb garden)

1. Ultrasonic vibration forms a natural phenomenon to increase air humidity and keep skin hydrated

2. Frog particles eliminate static electricity, reduce computer radiation, solve dry eyes caused by staring at the computer
for a long time, improve ambient air quality and breathing health.

3. Put a few drops of fragrance in water or vinegar to make aromatherapy and clean bacteria.

4. Smart shutdown for two hours