Us and the Earth

100% Organic Cotton Mesh Shopping Bag - Lightweight & Versatile


A plastic-free, eco-friendly products, handy and versatile lightweight tote for everyday use. Made of 100% organic cotton mesh bag is going to be your best friend!

"I am so very happy with the shopping bags that I have brought for my daughter and daughter-in-law for part of their Christmas bundle, I have ordered more for friends and my self. They are so useful. Plus a very good size. I will be buying more items from this wonderful company." -Carol Sheehan

  • Perfect for the farmer’s markets, the gym, picnics, shopping, beach
  • Lightweight, easy to roll it up and keep it in your pocket, glovebox or handbag as a reserve for shopping or any extras you need to cart around
  • Expandable and strong, they can carry a HUGE amount of produce
  • Compostable as it's 100% cotton
  • Machine washable cold