Us and The Earth

Unpaper towels - Reusable and Zero Waste - 8pcs

 Reusable 100% organic cotton 'Unpaper' towels make the perfect addition to your kitchen, bathroom or handbag!

There are 8 different designs in each roll. These durable, soft and reusable "Unpaper" towels will quickly replace paper towels which use a LOT of water to produce.  Throw them into the washing machine you're already doing (they take up a tiny amount of space!) and they're ready to use again! And again! Get years of use out of each towel, saving countless paper towels in the process.


  • These are great alternatives to paper towels to reduce waste
  • Multipurpose and Super absorbent
  • Highest quality organic cotton
  • Measure 24 cms x 24 cms 
  • At the end of their life after they have turned into shoe polishing rags, used for car cleaning... whatever you can think of... just pop into your compost and send them back to the Earth