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Article: Don’t be a washing machine martyr … and other sustainable practices

Don't Washing - Us and The Earth
Eco Laundry

Don’t be a washing machine martyr … and other sustainable practices

Everyone wants to help the planet right? You wouldn’t even be finding this if you weren’t conscious of what is going on. If you can save some extra cash whilst doing so then it’s a double whammy win! Being conscious, just thinking twice about how little things affect bigger things. Better habits, be a better example for the younger generation who will have their own struggles. Let’s teach them well!

Some easy peasy changes that you can do TODAY. I will do another post about planning for changes that you can work towards doing eco habits and sustainable practices..

Get serious about water, AS IT IS PRECIOUS. Without it, we will be up the proverbial creek…...and it will be dry. 

Shorter Showers

Make it a game for the kids ‘I bet you can’t do it in under 90 sec!’ When kids don’t need to wash their hair, they can be in and out in a flash - I guarantee it! An obvious one is don’t let the water run when you brush your teeth or when shaving. Even in the shower if you have something that takes a longer time, like combing very knotting hair, then just turn the tap off. Easy!

Save your shower or bath water & put it on your garden

I used it to wash my car the other day. Nothing happened, my car thanked me, I didn’t get ‘that woman is strange’ looks. It was just water. With soap in it. From my shower. Life-changing.

Don’t be a washing machine martyr!!

I hear comments from friends ‘OMG, I do 3 loads per day’. Do it when you have a full load, wear the same clothes again, clean the spots, teach your kids to fold and put back in their drawers. HANG YOUR TOWELS UP! Don’t be precious. ( both you & the kids )

Wash your clothes in cold water

When you DO wash ( yes sometimes I do a load of laundry too lol), then wash your clothes in cold water. Hang to dry. The sun is a wonderful thing and your clothes will thank you for it. I don’t own a dryer and survive completely well!

Switch to recycled Toilet Paper

I personally love ‘Who Give’s a Crap’, bamboo TP. It does the job, it’s home-delivered’, it’s nice and colourful in the bathroom, it’s good for the environmental living. Winning.

Whilst on the subject of toilets. . .

You may be familiar with ‘if it’s yellow, let it mellow if it’s brown wash it down’. Well, it’s a thing, that we do in our house, within reason. It helps. A little bit of pee & TP in the toilet never killed anyone. But it DOES save water and if you want to help the planet then do it.

Save energy

Save up to 15% on your energy bill by unplugging items that aren’t being used, especially computers and TVs. Set up a timer if they are all on a shared power board.

Put on a jumper!

I always remember my Dad saying this when we said we were cold. It’s obvious, right? Everyone now wants to wander around their home in winter with a T-shirt on. But at what cost? Adjust your internal heating or try to live without it. Plenty do! Fresh air is good for us. In summer a fan can do wonders, get flyscreens and sleep with the windows open. Your immune system and your power bill will thank you.

Cut down plastic use.

Just don’t buy it, say no to it, think of ways around it. Keep your glass jars as they are great for storage and will stir up the ‘Marie Kondo’ vibes within you … I promise. Take them to the bulk food store and fill them up with goodies that can just go straight into your pantry. They just pre-weigh & deduct the TARE weight from the final cost. Also, remember your reusable vegetable bags and shopping bags for purchasing your fresh and dry produce.


Last but absolutely NOT least is ECOSIA. By switching to this search engine you are helping to plant trees and support local communities. Easy to download, performs the same as any search engine but HELPS PLANT TREES. That has to be a good thing right?

Compost your Veggie Scraps

Keep a little bin or bucket on your benchtop and one with a lid is best. If you have a GREEN council bin then all of your food scraps ( apart from dairy and meat) can go in there, including tea bags and coffee grounds. If you don’t have one then CALL YOUR LOCAL COUNCIL and make it happen. If you have a garden then you can do a wonderful thing with your compost and the plants will thank you.


These are just some things that are easy to do but make a big impact, as we are creatures of habit it does take some conscious effort to implement and change our ways but surely the motivation of a better world for us and our children is enough?

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