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Article: My Journey thus far and why Plastic-Free July is so damn important

My Journey thus far and why Plastic-Free July is so damn important

My Journey thus far and why Plastic-Free July is so damn important

So life is a journey right? Cliche’ as it sounds, it actually is. It’s a process of learning, of trial and error, of discovering what resonates with us, what actions and thoughts align with our values, loyal to our own truth and sovereignty. Even just understanding at an absolute, deep, core level what our values really are, aligning with our inner voice, nurturing our instinct and appreciating where our place is in relation to the rest of the world. 

My most profound ‘alignment’ for lack of a better word over the past 5 years is with myself and with nature, and realising that we are one, with so many intrinsic subtleties and more glaringly obvious truths - we are nothing without the energy of the earth. We are part of it, living in symbiosis, enjoying the eco beauty and the bounties and hopefully giving back mutual respect along the way. Well, that’s the ultimate goal.… 

The energy of the sun, the power of the wind, the air we breath, the food we eat and clear water to hydrate, all gifts from the almighty Mother. Just like the gifts we give to our own children, we nourish them, we bathe them, we wrap them in warmth and love, we want them to flourish and live well, to be free to always believe in a bit of magic, to feel true love and joy, to be in optimum health and at a more tribal level to carry on and do the same with their children. 

I guess for me this path of awareness and growing consciousness has given me much more appreciation for the cause and effect of what we are doing, how the choices we make do have such a profound ripple effect and what is in our power to change. 

Plastic Free July - what is it? 

Founded 10 years ago, it is an ever-growing movement that has inspired an estimated 326 million participants in 177 countries. Amazing!

By inspiring us to all make small changes, it just shows how collectively we can really make a difference. Focused throughout July it motivates us to create new habits to reduce the harmful impact that plastics are having on the planet. 

During this month I will be sharing lots of education, inspiration and alternative ways that every single one of us can make a difference and create a positive flow-on effect for others.  to also adapt a kinder, more conscious lifestyle. 

You can download our FREE 15 page 'Plastic Free July' eBook HERE

There are some obvious reasons why plastic is bad - it creates rubbish, more ‘stuff’ is manufactured if we keep using single-use items and of course we know it’s bad for the environmental living. That’s all high level I guess and most people know all of this.

When you dig down into it though there are so many reasons to start making smarter swaps from hormone disruption, to affecting the food supply, to off gassing into the atmosphere. I will be writing about all of these things this month and am so excited to share some important stuff with you! 

Knowledge is power, education is the opposite to ignorance, let’s open our hearts and minds to what is really important in life. Quality of life, freedom, sovereignty, love and health. I think if we keep trashing the planet all of those things will slowly diminish. 

Habits can be tough to break, the first step is acknowledging that you want to, and really digging deep down within to understand your why. My daughter is my ‘why’. Living the rest of my days well and leaving the planet knowing I have done my best to ensure the best future for her and her children and their children is what keeps me going. 


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