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Eco friendly products with Crystals and Stones

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A collection of 13 essential oil crystal gemstone roller bottles in various variants from - Us and The Earth.A captivating collection of essential oil crystal gemstone roller bottles from - Us and The Earth.
Rose Gold Crystal Bottle with Gemstone Base and Tea InfuserSustainable Kitchen - Us and the EarthRose Gold Crystal Bottle with Gemstone Base and Tea Infuser
Rose Gold Crystal Water Bottle - 550ml with Gemstone PodSustainable Kitchen - Us and the Earth #style_rosegoldlidRose Gold Crystal Water Bottle - 550ml with Gemstone PodSustainable Kitchen - Us and the Earth
Crystal Glass Drinking Bottle with Bamboo LidsCrystal Glass Drinking Bottle with Bamboo Lids
A pair of handmade crystal gemstone earrings with gold, featuring the symbolic 'Tree of Life' design.A close-up view of an ear adorned with the elegant Tree of Life earring.
Crystal Tree of Life Earrings Sale price$28.00 AUD

Eco friendly products with Crystals and Stones

Crystals and their meaning

Most people are into crystal because of their healing properties. Crystals are minerals that hold energy and can exchange some of those energy within us.

Here are some of Eco Stonesoptions for our Crystal Roller Bottles for Essential Oils and Reusable Water Bottles with Crystals:


known for its unique purple colouration and is can be used for helping with your confidence, balance and protection. Lovely to use before sleep or meditation.

Rose Quartz

speaks to love and romance. It helps soothe negative emotions and opens your heart chakra to increase compassion and stimulates self-love, Increasing trust and helping to move forward.

Yellow Jade 

is known as the dream stone. Can be used to have the courage to discover your divine inner truth and full potentials, It is one of the luck crystals that bring prosperity to you.

Tiger's Eye

is said to represent Power & Independence and helps to rid your mind of anxiety, fear and self doubt, guiding you to harmony and balance and helping you to make conscious decisions.

Blue Lapis 

is the stone of wisdom, intuition and truth and resonates with the vibration of truth and enlightenment. Said to open the third eye and stimulate the pineal gland.

Clear Quartz

is said to be the 'Master Healer'. Clearing both mind and body, amplifies energy by storing, releasing and regulating it. Aids concentration and memory.

Black Obsidian

 An intensely protective stone, obsidian is said to help form a shield against physical and emotional negativity, ridding emotional blockages and enhances self compassion.

Strawberry Quartz enhances the sense of personal importance that will enable you to withstand any obstacles being thrown at you in your everyday life. Let the universe adore you!

Citrine will help bring joy, wonder and enthusiasm to all parts of your life and encourage warmth, optimism, motivation and clarity. 

Smokey Quartz neutralises negative energy and assists you to let go of old, stale patterns that may holding you back, leaving space for more positive energy to enter.


is seen as a good luck charm that can help balance your emotions while finding your spiritual groundings. When it comes to the body, it’s said to benefit the immune system, respiratory and skeletal system.


is said to represent extraterrestrial wisdom and increases your intuitive abilities, deepening connection to Spirit.

These crystals inside water bottles and roller bottles add energy to the liquid inside, either your using it to your essential oils, water, or tea.


The information that I have provided on the effect of crystals and gems on the body is intuitive in nature. Us and The Earth cannot guarantee results from any particular gemstone or crystal. You should never substitute gems or crystals for professional medical treatment when indicated for any conditions.