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Wonderful, Thank Goodness that I found you

Wow everything is amazing, thanks again for all of you’re help, with my allergies you’re profusely have made me feel normal again 💕

Items received in great condition and well packed. Excellent quality material. Been using it now and I love it! Seller responded immediately to my enquiry. Highly recommended.

Items are very lovely and well packed. Waited for the seller to have this posted on her website before buying and it is worth the wait. Highly recommended

So excited when I received my orders. They are all in a well packed box. All items were in great condition and well crafted. Can't wait to order again.

Love this! It's so good being able to get atleast 3 cups of tea from 2 teaspoons of loose-leaf. I just put my empty cup with the filled infuser in it in the fridge until I want my next cuppa.

Love these tooth brushes! I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Perfect size for holding onto, bristles get right into corners and not oversized like most brushes. Love it.

Award Winning Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials Kit
Cassie Hamilton (Brisbane, AU)

I just received my kitchen kit in the post and it absolutely blew my expectations out of the water!!!
The box is so beautifully designed with the graphic art, colours and text.
The products are such high quality and things I will be using regularly from now on!



Such a great product that prevents me from using plastic straws that will end up in landfill, which is also super aesthetic and stylish! I get compliments when I use them at juice bars or whenever I have guests over, and it's also a great conversation starter. My favourite is the straight variety as it works best for me, but the rest of my family seem to like the bent ones more so having a few of each will be handy! They are also easy to clean and the glass is durable, which I'm really happy about. They would even make great gifts like stocking stuffers, something I will most likely get more of closer to Christmas!

Such a game changer!

I'm super in love with this zero waste kitchen kit. It has all of the essentials, it's super affordable and also really aesthetic! I love how the packaging is simple yet stylish, and it is evident that a lot of thought has been put into these products. Everything is at a very high standard in terms of quality, as all the products are durable when it comes to washing. I use the silicone covers the most as I'm a massive leftovers' junkie, and it has prevented me from using too much clingwrap - such an easy swap which is helping the environment and saving myself money at the same time. The cotton bags are great when it comes to storing various food items, especially nuts and seeds, and the mesh bags are great for bigger items. The stainless steel straws are super fab as well, and the straw cleaner that comes with is very handy. The kind of thing I always keep in my car as I never know when I'll pick up a juice of smoothie with my girlfriends! The reusable "ziploc bags" are also a massive lifesaver. Easy food storage that is simple to clean and more durable than regular plastic. I could keep on going on about thus awesome kit, but I'll finish off by saying one more thing: you will not regret buying this kit!!

Excellent value.

Saw similar at a market and all their uses so decided to buy some. Arrived securely packed. Will store in the box as it keeps them together ready for use. The different sizes are perfect and being microwave safe is a bonus for reheating without any splatter.

Award Winning Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials Kit
Rachael Van de straat (Brisbane, AU)
Love Love Love ❤

Omg! Just received my zero waste starter kit today. I can't wait to use it all. So happy and excited to be starting this new jounery of zero waste. Thank you for your gorgeous products. Rachael 🙂

Award Winning Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials Kit
Jordana Kirby (Double Bay, AU)
Love it all

The Kitchen Essentials kit is brilliant. I used the big bag to shop, then put washed veg and fruit in small bags, and silicone lids turned all plates and bowls into containers. So handy and easy to use. Thank you! (Oh and essential oil roller with jade was a treat) Great products.

Thanks for the wonderful products!

I am really impressed with your starter kits, both for the items they contain and the lovely packaging. I gave the four I ordered last month as Christmas gifts to two girlfriends, my 93 year old aunt and my mum in law.

Everyone absolutely loved them! They were all so keen to start using less plastic and create less waste.

I am encouraging more people to make an investment in all our futures and start living more lightly on our earth.
J Sinclair

This fabulous starter kit is an amazing group of products to help you start your zero waste, plastic free journey. I highly recommend purchasing this starter kit 💚

On Nov 1st, Victoria banned all lightweight plastic bags 🐢 Lucky I have my reusable bag to travel with and my reusable produce bags as part of my plastic free kitchen starter kit 😍

A perfect gift to give for Christmas - a gift that keeps on giving!

Tea Infusing Wand
Customer (Hobart, AU)
Tea infusion wand

This tea infusion wand is soo good perfect for my cuppa. I do love it as the holes are a good size which allows the tea to infuse really well and is easy to use and clean. Recommend this product whole heartedly.

Natural Toothpowder
Ourania Fielding (Leongatha, AU)
No more bad breath

Excellent product. Started using it 6 months ago and will continue. No more bad breath mornings or any time.
Drawback when I first got it - yellow writing on white paper impossible to read, even with my glasses! Perhaps look at using black ink on white paper?? Took a while to figure out what it said the first time I tried it.

Fantastic tooth paste

Best all natural tooth paste I've ever had and the best is that it's made in Australia. My mouth has never felt so clean and fresh in a long time. Thanks for a fantastic product and service is outstanding.

The BEST Toothpaste EVER!

Absolutely LOVE the mint. The taste is incredible and leaves my teeth feeling amazing!

Love the toothpaste, has a beautiful fresh flavour and i like that its in a glass container (less waste with trying to get toothpaste out of a tube). Good to support Aussie made also.


I ordered some toothpaste and tea towels which are lovely quality. Shipping was good and everything was packed with care.

Reusable Paper towels
Maki Obokata (Brisbane, AU)
Thank you

Beautiful and useful.

I've tried some bad zero-waste flosses and had nearly given up. This one changed my mind. Highly recommend the black one!