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"I love the way this makes my skin feel, not too tight and definitely not dry and it will go a long way. I only used about 1/8 of a tsp with a few drops of water and it covered my whole face. Love that it's natural" Sandra, Wyong

100% Natural Face Mask - Hydrate | Glow | Brighten

Sale price$34.95 AUD

Another amazing zero waste & all-natural product from 'Love Beauty Foods'. So happy to be partnering with them and adding these glorious products to our range.

A super concentrated, zero-waste and all natural way to treat your skin and give yourself a bit of extra self care.

Buy it with our Hemp Facial Rounds



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100% Natural Face Mask - Hydrate | Glow | Brighten
100% Natural Face Mask - Hydrate | Glow | Brighten Sale price$34.95 AUD

Us and The Earth

100% Natural Face Mask - Hydrate | Glow | Brighten


"Love all these products
This kit is the best way to go plastic free for beginners or even if you have started your journey. The silicone covers come in lots of sizes, the supermarket bags are great and the kids love the straws."

-Lauren F.


"Bang for your buck
The best gift any kitchen-lover could get. Kitchen items tend to be big on plastics so this is such a breath of fresh air!"


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Items are very lovely and well packed. Waited for the seller to have this posted on her website before buying and it is worth the wait. Highly recommended

Kathryn Banicek (Melbourne, AU)
Disappointing Dental Floss

I used to use dental floss derived from sugar cane.
When I could no longer purchase this from Flora and Fauna and with no option of any other biodegradable floss it forced me to look further afield and that's when I found Us + the Earth and biodegradable dental floss.
I was excited to receive my package which came promptly but I was so disappointed when I used it for the first time. The floss shredded and broke several times between my teeth and I couldn't remove it all until the next day when reluctantly, out of desperation, I purchased a non biodegradable dental floss which enabled the other floss to finally be removed. Most of my teeth are tightly packed but my front teeth have bigger spaces. Your floss is fine for teeth that aren't tightly packed. Occasionally the old sugar cane floss could become stuck too but it only happened once in a single flossing and was rare.
I love the little glass bottle and metal lid and the whole concept is wonderful but not for people with tight teeth.
It's really disappointing and it becomes expensive when the product is suddenly useless for you. At least the packaging of the floss I chose at the supermarket had recyclable packaging and came in a recyclable container. It was only $2 too but obviously that's not my priority, the environment and usability is.
All the other flosses in the supermarket didn't have recyclable packaging.
My first bad experience will not stop me from trying out some of your other products on offer though. I've just had a bad first experience. Kathryn.

Ellie C

I've tried some bad zero-waste flosses and had nearly given up. This one changed my mind. Highly recommend the black one!