Us and The Earth

'Stop Microplastics' Washing Bag - Set of 2


When you wash synthetic items in a traditional washing machine, countless little microfibres break off and make their way through the drainage outlets, making their way into rivers, lakes and oceans. 

These reusable, very tightly woven bags are in fact a filter that are designed to keep the micro-plastics INSIDE the bag and out of the sea. Studies have also shown that washing clothing items inside the bag is protective, giving you longer lasting wear. That has to be a good thing!  The bags themselves can be used again and again.

Organisms then ingest these tiny pieces of plastics which can result in sick fish, infections, gastrointestinal blockages and death. There is a chance that these microfibres can end up on our dinner table which in turn causes us many health issues. 

DIRECTIONS : Place all of your synthetic items into the bag, make sure the zip is completely closed. Don't overfill as the clothes need to move around inside the bag. Wash at cold or warm water temperature, never hot. 

When the wash has finished, remove the wet clothes to hang. Push all of the micro-plastic fibres to one corner and remove. Turn the bag inside out if this helps. Dispose of in your normal rubbish bin.  

CARE : The bags don't need extra washing. They can be hung to air dry. Don't iron.

HANDY TIP : Keep a jar in your laundry to collect the microfibres, it's amazing how they add up. Better in a jar than in a fishes belly. Good work Eco Warrior! 👏